Blue Bake Studio

Brand Identity • Social Media Designs


What does a stylish logo, reviving graphic designs and social media presence give an artisan bakery – a sweet brand identity!

Blue Bake Studio is an artisan bakery in the sweet capital of Tamil Nadu – Coimbatore. They had just began their operations and were looking for means to communicate their presence amongst the people of the city who were strict devotees of the traditional sweets for which the city is known for.

Padath Infotainment had been approached to develop the brand identity but faced struggeles initially as most of their designs had receieved negative feedback. Though I was working as a Digital Marketing Intern at Padath at the moment, I was asked to submit a design to get a fresher perspective. The logo I submitted was approved on the first go and further graphic design responsibilities were handed over to me.


Design brief

Create a brand identity for an upcoming artisan bakery that is bound to face severe competition from traditional sweet shops. The branding must exemplify a feeling of luxury and comfort and must stand out clearly from the competitors.

The client will stay focused on print and social media presence for the foreseeable future as it hopes to reach out to the local clientele during its growth stage. Hence, all creatives pertaining to print and social media are to be designed.

Commissioned by

Padath Infotainment Pvt. Ltd.

My roles

Graphic Designer (Branding, Print and Social Media)


The client was satisfied with our designs and they saw a significant rise in customer interaction after the branding.


Design Process

Competitive Analysis

A major portion of the bakers stayed true to the traditions of the city. They had no flashy stores or any sort of marketing strategies. They made and sold mostly local delicacies and targeted local residents. Most bigger stores targeted tourists but their products were costly.

Most raw materials and designs that they used to make western items like cakes and sweets were still not up-to-date and lacked individuality.

It was easy to give Blue Bake Studio a unique identity in the field just by adopting a western theme for their brand. To use colours and themes that were non-traditional yet not too distant was an easy assumption to make.

Through a proper marketing strategy, they could easily become competitive as they faced not much of a competition in this matter. The right technique could target both the locals and the tourists.

By showcasing their unique products and uniqueness in the marketing materials, they could develop considerable interest amongst the target audience.

Design Outcome



A minimal lettermark logo eschews the simplistic character of the studio while the sprouting maize symbolises the characteristics of a patisserie.


The combination of dark blue with gold gives the brand a level of sophistication that helps it stand apart from the competition.


A handwritten script typography was used to instill a sense of friendliness to the brand amongst the audience.

Design Outcome

Print Design


The minimal design continued to the packaging as well. By using paper and cardboard, the brand managed to express its sense of environmental responsibility.


A friendly illustration that undoubtedly showcases the nature of the company was used. Using the primary colour and logo on one side gave maximum exposure to the brand.

Design Outcome

Social Media

Facebook Creatives

Blue Bake was given support in its digital launch with the aim to maximise the brand awareness. The theme of the brand was utilised to the max in its social media ads.