A socially responsible digital product designer.

As a tool for social evolution or a means to create an online disruption, design holds the power to bring about change.


As a designer, I believe that I yield that power.

About Me

Who am I?

A human-centric designer with extensive experience working with clients across the globe. Currently focused on assisting businesses to realise their vision and individuals comprehend the value of design.

With an educational background in Computer Science Engineering, Business Administration & Interaction Design, and experience working with companies of various dimensions, I have cultivated a unique set of analytical and creative skills which allow me to transform user needs and business requirements into invaluable products.


I carry 4+ years of professional experience in Digital Product Design which has made me skilled in designing for both people’s needs and business demands. I have spent a significant amount of my professional life with startups and design agencies, and I am currently working remotely for a US-based edtech startup and also volunteering as a Design Thinking Coach.


Specialising in Interaction Design, I graduated with a distinction from the University of the Arts London; one of the world’s foremost arts & design university. I have also secured degrees in Computer Science Engineering & Business which gives me a perfect blend of knowledge in the areas of Design + Development + Distribution.


Do you need a smart-working designer? A quintessential Indian friend like Raj? Consider yourself lucky, because I am always in the the lookout for roles that will allow me to use my skills as a researcher & designer to serve the people.


What I’m good at

My design skills


The things I like

Designing for the society

Participatory Design  •  Co-Design  •  Ethnographic Research   •   Design in Politics

Technological disruption

Machine Learning   •  Artificial Intelligence  •  Poetic Computation

Good things that come free

Art Intervention  •  Minimalism  •  Zen Leadership

My Clientele

Proudly served a few great brands

Skills & Expertise

Things I know

Graphic Design

Photoshop   •   Good
Illustrator   •   Average
InDesign   •   Good
AfterEffects   •   Beginner
Lightroom   •   Average
Procreate   •   Beginner

UI/UX Design

Adobe XD  •   Good
Figma   •   Good
Sketch   •   Beginner
InVision   •   Good
Protopie   •  Beginner
Zeplin   •   Good


HTML   •   Good
CSS   •   Good
JavaScript   •   Average
Processing   •   Beginner
VS Code   •   Good
Webflow   •   Beginner


WordPress   •   Good
Jira   •   Average
Presentation   •   Good
Porject Management   •  Beginner
Agile   •   Good
DevOps   •  Beginner

My Works

The things I’ve done

March, 2020

Adobe Photoshop

Case Study   •   UX + UI Design   •   Design System

A thorough research of Adobe Photoshop and analysis of its usability barriers. This case study focused on introducing changes to the software so as to improve the experience of beginner level users.

December, 2019

aghora design project is about indian politics and the role of interaction design in mitigating false news and propaganda


Speculative Design   •   Exhibition Design   •   Product Design

A speculative art & design project that aimed to create an Artificially Intelligent Government for a Holistic and Republic Administration. Graded excellent for research, relevance and critical approach by UAL

June, 2019


Ethnographic Research   •   Co-Design   •   Product Design

A participatory design project that developed an online platform for a small community in London to reach out to people and teach them ways to contribute to society.

July, 2017


MPS Builders

UX + UI Design   •   Online Presence Management

Design project focused on creating a unique digital experience for the users of an upcoming construction and housing company based in India.

And finally

Let’s get in touch

Feel free to strike a conversation with me in matters regarding design, art, education, stamps, calligraphy, Chelsea F.C., India, food, Harry Potter, Emilia Clarke or practically anything under the sun other than organic chemistry.

Digital Profiles

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Calls   •   🇬🇧 +44 79388 12898   •   🇳🇱 +31 684 88 88 26
WhatsApp   •   🇮🇳 +91 80892 80107


LinkedIn   •   @dcruzgeorge
Instagram   •   @georgedcruz

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